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Michelle R … Texas
Here’s the thing: Spicewood Salt can literally be used with every dish I cook! It has a prominent place next to my stove so I have easy access because no meal is complete without this awesome salt. I love it! My favorite way to use the Tuscan Rosemary blend is to add it to a small dish of olive oil and dip my Italian bread in it…Oh.My.De-Lish.

Kathy P … Michigan
I’m in love, this is amazing! Used the Tuscan Rosemary on baked potatoes, used the Master Salt Blend on raw veggies (awesome) and on baked spaghetti. Sooooo goood. Need to try the lime on margaritas next, I will be ordering more for sure. The flavor is totally awesome, makes your mouth go ahhhhhhhh with wonderful flavors.

Renee B … New Jersey
If you like special seasonings, try our friend’s fabulous product! It’s Bob’s favorite! Great on meat & vegetables!

Marie B … Maryland
I “gifted” people with these at Christmas – I had to go back to order more so I would have some for myself! It’s getting rave reviews. I love vegetables roasted using the Master Blend as the only seasoning – they are so tasty without being too salty.

Susan W … Washington
I was “gifted” a small jar about a year ago, it is awesome tasting.