A family-owned company located in Northern Colorado — Loveland, to be exact — we specialize in hand-crafted salt blends using kosher sea salt with premium herbs and spices.rosemary

Tired of the same old seasoning routine, Master Salt Blend was developed to add subtle flavors without overpowering.  A lighter blend … 60% kosher sea salt and 40% herbs and spices … it’s a great addition to just about any meal or dish.  Whether used at the table or in the kitchen, you’ll find this to be your “go to” salt blend.  With the

Tuscan Rosemary Blend brings an old-world flavor to chicken, pork and potatoes.  Oven roasted potatoes seasoned with Tuscan Rosemary makes a humble dish spectacular!

TwistedLime Salt is a bright pop of citrus that will wake up fish, chicken, salads and — sublimely — a margarita!

As members of the global community, we also support breed-specific dog rescue by donating a portion of our proceeds to Lhasa Apso Rescue-Colorado.  Our family has been involved with rescue for over 21 years as state/regional coordinators and as a foster home for the American Lhasa Apso Club (ALAC).  We also volunteer with the Larimer Humane Society (LHS) as a foster home in addition to being a rescue transfer partner, taking in dogs who need more specialized care than the shelter can provide.